Hello World!

Of course I must begin every first post with a "Hello World!" It's pretty much customary at this point even if cliche.

I'm not sure what this space will be yet but I wanted something more substantial than Twitter or Mastodon. Tweet threads can only convey so much and I'm tired of moving at that speed. Short-format digital spaces really make you try and pack as much a punch as possible into such a tiny format.

So what will go here? Responses to things at first, mostly, to nobody in particular, because nobody knows about here yet. I am mostly interested in things like philosophy, computers, and open source software.

I haven't written in a long time outside of work and I am lazy as well. So I expect most of the writing to be loose on details, redundant, half-baked, and sloppy. At the same time, as long as I keep up with it to some degree I should become more lucid, maybe. I am easily distracted these days and I lose my train of thought to another train of thought. Sometimes I think I go partially catatonic when lost in thought.

Anyway, I'm not promising much and delivering little, but maybe you'll find some things written here interesting or illuminating. Maybe you'll visit once and never come again. Either way, hello world!